Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to remodels and most types of contractors, it's not required for most to have licenses for their work although some areas require permits. We will obtain all and any type of necessary permits to ensure your remodel or construction is a streamlined event with no problems occurring when least expected.

All of our contractors in Collin, Denton, Tarrant, and the Dallas counties are properly licensed and insured for all your essential construction needs. Our insurance liability, disability, and workers compensation covers a total of $5 million in risk. It is larger than average coverage and is less affordable than most but our belief is the customer should be at complete peace knowing they came to us.

SLM General Contractors does not have any on-staff architects but we work with the very best architects in our local area. Though all of our contractors have background working the proper designs relating to any remodeling or contracting we are assigned. We focus on continuous education for our employees to maintain our standards. Our crew has the most qualified contractors on staff than any other local business here in the Dallas or Fort Worth region.

Through our strict ever-evolving remodeling education system, we are able to continually seek ways to improve our skills and construction processes and methodologies. We just so happen to behold the only Professional Remodeler to have “on staff” a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Certified Graduate Remodeler, from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) a Certified Remodeler and Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler AND from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) a Certified Kitchen Designer and a Certified Bathroom Designer.

Of all the specialty services we offer, home kitchen remodeling is one of our specialties, with years of field experience, you know you can count on SLM General Contractors with your kitchen remodel. Our kitchen remodeling experts are trained for any and all types of inconvenience we face in the home kitchen remodel job. Make sure to compare the level of expertise in contractors when you look for a quote on your home kitchen remodeling project.

Of course we can! We provide a testimonial page on our site to showcase all of our past work and customer satisfaction ratings. You can also find our extensive raving reviews on third party sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, the BBB and many others!

Our contractors are happy to help with every step of your project including the design part. Our consultation contains the entire project such as design and material usage. Our design team offers the full thorough installation package.

Ensuring you get exactly what you envision is our goal, our contractor strives to complete every design to your exact peculiar requests. With pristine designs, top-of-the-line materials, and a team that doesn't quit, we can provide our uniquely created five-step process from beginning ideas to the complete finish.

When you come for an estimate from a renovation business, you are receiving a free and professional price that is estimated for your project. When it comes to more major remodels and renovations, the price can fluctuate through the project. A design agreement on the other hand is an agreement that you will work with SLM General Contractors and our design process. The design agreement pertains strictly to the design and we can talk more about the final project price before any contractual agreement for the full amount.

When the architectural design is done by our team at SLM General Contractors, we have a mutual agreement that we will be your builder. These designs are created specifically for developmental proceedings for the beginning of your contract. These are not your design plans to be distributed to other contractors to find estimates. If you are looking for designs to find estimates from other contractors, we recommend finding an architect to build a set of plans for competitive bids.

Nearly all of our remodels for either kitchens or bathrooms are created without the need of a design agreement. Design agreements are normally used for larger renovations and remodels such as whole home remodels or additional home additions.

For most of our kitchen remodels and renovations the primary factors surrounding the length of time of your project consist of designs, size, materials chosen, and the construction duration. Much larger remodels will obviously take far longer than a kitchen or bathroom redesign. The first consultation will provide the easiest time estimation for your project. We will break down each step of our process and explain how long each step should approximately take.

While working in Texas, remodeling and home improvement businesses are not enforced to have a general contractors license, but nearly every SLM General Contractor employee completes theirs along with any electrical, plumbing, or HVAC technicians that need specialized licenses. SLM General Contractors always ensures the proper legal permitting and licensing where required.

Something that is requested with every kitchen remodel or renovation is increasing the allotted space and cabinetry expansion. When it comes to renovations for your kitchen one of our foremost thoughts are expanding your space and have never received a negative criticism on the allotment of space we always add for our clients kitchens. You can expand your cabinetry, island space, shelving, pantry, or add in specialized installments for even more space!

When looking for renovations and remodeling around your home, making sure to get through how disagreements or mistakes are handled in the beginning of your project is always recommended. As we call them “hurdles” in our vocabulary and are likely to arise in any project you do, we focus on acclimating to what you need and helping where we can. Make sure to know whether it's our team or another how mistakes are managed and handled;to save you problems and frustrations on any project. Always record statements and agreements in writing.

It's difficult to pinpoint a price around a kitchen remodel or renovations, with as many variables that are included around a kitchen renovation. Incorrectness and mistakes can make a large impact on the overall price and decision.

SLM General Contractors accepts cash, checks, home equity checks and money orders.

When it comes to pricing and remodeling around the home, the kitchen will always be the most expensive room in your house and can sometimes take a large investment. Always fully review all potential expenses in your estimates and what services, labors, and materials used. It is always best to determine how overages or unexpected changes will be handled by the contractor if and when they arise. Be sure also to find out what expenses your contractor’s estimate does NOT cover.

Our crew does not directly offer financing for any renovations or remodeling for home projects though we do work with businesses that offer homeowners financing if needed. Most of our information surrounding financing can be located on our page about it, though it is recommended to speak with your financier and construction company about it to review your options.3

Estimates are in most cases completely free and we are happy to provide no-obligation consultation with our in-store design team. SLM General Contractors will proudly work with a large range of budgets with a team that can help define what your envision is for your home remodel or renovation. Just about any home improvement we can work on, we look forward to your initial consultation and bringing your ideas to life.

We always provide a service warranty for completing the construction process and final finishing, our customers will always receive a complex 3-year labor and material warranty on anything that is produced by us alongside a 10-year warranty on structural components.

Our team provides manufacturing warranty for all materials that are used for our customers, some that hold for a lifetime.

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